CPVC Pipe Failure Cement Drip - Often glue drips are blamed for failure but failure really caused by incompatible chemicals.
Chemical Hose Failure - A chemical transfer hose failed causing personal injury
Broken Chair Leg - A leg on an office chair broke causing personal injury. Our experts identified the defect and testified regarding the cause of failure
Toy Hazard Injures Child - A toy sword held by a toy robot shatters resulting in eye injury to a child
Toilet Valve Failure - We are experts in toilet valve, ballcock, and retaining nut failures

Your Plastic Failure Experts
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Globally renowned plastic experts

Are you looking for a Failure Analysis Lab with highly experienced Plastic Failure Experts? Our globally renowned expert associates span the spectrum of plastics technology. Additionally, our company founder and CEO, Dr. Duane Priddy has decades of experience.

Dr. Priddy’s widely read articles “Why Do Plastic Parts Occasionally Fail?“and “Why PVC/CPVC Pipes Occasionally Fail” explain the most common types of plastic and plastic pipe failure.

Failure Analysis Laboratory
PVC Failure Contamination
Degradable Plastic
  • We do Forensic Failure Analysis of plastic parts. If there is a defect, we can find it!
  • We are leading experts on PVC and CPVC pipe failure.
  • Our experts are world renowned Plastics Scientists with incredible credentials.
  • We are highly experienced in Expert Witness work for both Plaintiffs and Defendants in the following areas:
    • Patent Infringement
    • Product Liability
    • Personal Injury
    • Property Damage
  • Our Plastic Experts offer Plastic Consulting services on most areas of Plastics Technology.
  • Looking to duplicate an existing part? We offer Reverse Engineering Services.

Featured Case Studies

Most of our work involve litigation or subrogation involving plastic parts that fail and cause property damage or personal injury These two featured cases provide examples. See more case studies